Ron DeSantis Is Getting His Mask Advice From A Psychiatrist Pushing Ivermectin

Gov. Ron DeSantis is ignoring Florida health experts and getting pandemic advice from fringe doctors pushing Ivermectin.

DeSantis Is Listening To Dr. Mark McDonald Instead Of Public Health Experts

The Tampa Bay Times reported:

A California psychiatrist who has advised Gov. Ron DeSantis on the coronavirus pandemic recently promoted a drug for COVID-19 patients that federal disease experts have strongly warned against after a spike in calls to poison control centers.


McDonald was one of several doctors summoned by DeSantis for a July closed-door discussion on mask policies in schools. In his comments, he argued that “masking children is child abuse,” according to video of the meeting later released by the governor’s office. He also likened mask mandates to apartheid, South Africa’s racist system of segregation during the 20th century.

Ron DeSantis Is Ignoring Public Health Experts and Killing Floridians

Gov. DeSantis took an oath of office when he became the governor of Florida that he is violating. He is not keeping the residents of his state safe. The Governor’s refusal to follow public health guidelines should be an impeachable offense, but with Republicans controlling the state legislature, there is no chance of that ever happening.

Ron DeSantis couldn’t find any health expert in the state to back up his agenda, so he went out of the state and constructed a team of grifters and crackpots.

The appearance of Dr. Scott Atlas in this story shows that the Trump presence in the anti-vaxxer/anti-mask mess remains strong.

Kids are getting sick. People in Florida are dying, and Ron DeSantis is getting his advice on masks from a guy who is pushing livestock medicine as a COVID treatment.