1/6 Committee Target Rep. Madison Cawthorn Mobilizes Domestic Terrorists To Attack DC Again

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) told supporters that “they are working on” bringing domestic terrorists back to DC to free 1/6 attackers from jail.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Admits To Planning And Inciting Another Domestic Terror Attack


Rep. Cawthorn called the people who are in jail for attempting to overthrow the government “political hostages,” and when asked when the terrorists would be called back to Washington, D.C., said, “we are working on it.” He also promised that the terrorism inciters have a few plans in motion that he can’t publicly talk about right now.

Cawthorn Is One Of The House GOP’s 1/6 Committee Investigation Targets.

Rep. Cawthorn is one of the many House Republicans who the 1/6 Committee has asked telecom companies to preserve their phone records. Cawthorn spoke at Trump’s 1/6 rally and appeared to be attempting to incite more violence, as he views playing to domestic terrorists as good politics.

Cawthorn either doesn’t understand the danger of what he is playing with, or he doesn’t care. If he doesn’t care, then he is plotting an attack on the United States government and is a criminal.

The 1/6 Committee investigation will expose all of the House Republicans who are involved in what looks like an active anti-government plot to build a domestic terror cell.

The danger is real, as Madison Cawthorn is trying to incite another 1/6 attack.