Jen Psaki Obliterates Male Right Wing Religious Reporter On Texas Abortion Law

Jen Psaki took apart the sexism of the question on protecting the unborn child from EWTN’s Owen Jensen.


Jensen asked,  “Who does he believe the lookout for the unborn child?”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered, “He believes it is up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those decisions with her doctor. I know you have never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is a difficult thing. The president believes that right should be respected. I think we’ve got to move on. You have had plenty of time today.”

Jen Psaki Hit On The Male Hypocrisy Behind The Abortion Issue

Men who will never have to face getting pregnant are making fundamental healthcare decisions for women. Owen Jensen doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The men who impose these restrictions on women have no clue what they are talking about.

Men who impose these life and death policies upon women are treating them like second-class citizens. Anyone who suggested that a white male must make healthcare decisions for all African-Americans would be rightly called a racist, but these same people feel the need to have a “moral debate” about whether or not women can make their own healthcare decision.

Jen Psaki treated the religious right male entitled question exactly as it deserved, but the odds are that the white male-dominated media will learn nothing from the exchange.