Judge Rules Donald Trump Jr. Can Be Sued For Defamation

A judge has ruled that Donald Trump Jr. can be sued for defamation after he tweeted information that he likely knew was false.

Via: The Washington Post:

At issue is Trump Jr. claiming during the 2018 campaign that Don Blankenship, whom Trump and his allies opposed in the primary, was a “felon.” Blankenship was charged with felonies related to an explosion at a mine he ran, but he was convicted only on a misdemeanor count.

Trump Jr.’s lawyers sought to have the case dismissed, but U.S. District Judge John Copenhaver Jr. rejected that Wednesday and said the case could move forward.

The reason? It’s because he believed there was substantial evidence that Trump Jr. might have known the claim to be false and said it anyway.

The Trump M.O. Loses In Court

The entire Trump family and political operation works by saying knowingly false things about their opponents and never apologizing. The biggest example of this lie and create a false reality strategy are the claims that the 2020 election was not legitimate.

The Trumps have been saying false things about people and getting away with it for years.

There is hope that this time their luck has run out.

If Donald Trump and his family can’t lie and smear their political opponents without being sued, it will take a major weapon out of Trump’s arsenal.