Calls Grow For The Supreme Court To Be Expanded To Stop Activist SCOTUS Majority

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) said that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is an activist court and SCOTUS needs to be expanded.


Rep. Escobar said on CBS’s Face The Nation:

 I am really afraid that because of the Senate’s desire to hang on to a relic of the past, a Jim Crow relic, the filibuster, that while the House will move expeditiously to protect women from states like Texas and from a Supreme Court that is an activist court. My fear is, is that some members of the Senate will use the filibuster as an excuse to not take action. And in the face of inaction, we will see more death in Texas. Texas is now a very dangerous place for women and children. We are going to see more states basically import this law and do everything possible to create the most hostile conditions for women in our country.

And I do believe I am a supporter of eliminating the filibuster so that the American people will be able to see progress in government. And I believe the filibuster, which voters never voted for, which is not in the Constitution and which is a relic of the past, it needs to be eliminated. But I do think we also need to expand the court. We- we’ve now seen SCOTUS basically engage in late night decisions through their shadow docket. We’ve seen them become an activist court. We need to restore integrity to the court.

 Democrats Must Act To Counter The Activist Conservative Majority

The Conservative majority on the Supreme Court showed that they would try to avoid accountability by carrying out their unpopular activist conservative agenda in the light of day.

There is a reason why they upheld the illegal Texas abortion law in the dead of night. The reality is that the court likely can’t be expanded until Democrats win a few more seats in the Senate and get rid of the filibuster.

President Biden’s only constitutional role will be to nominate new justices to fill the openings that are created.

The 2022 election is vital in many ways for the future of America, but if Democrats pick up two more seats in the Senate, it will allow them to get rid of the filibuster and restore balance to the Supreme Court.