Watch Ted Cruz Barely Pretend To Care About Texas School Shooting

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) opened up his remarks at a press conference by offering generic token words after a school shooting in his state and then talking about Biden’s “border crisis.”


Sen. Cruz said, “The students, the teachers, the first responders, and the parents. And there have been far too many of these, far too many schools. And so we are grateful for the courage and the heroism of the first responders, and we’re hopeful that all of the students or individuals that may have been injured will come through and survive. We are here today because of the Biden border crisis. That continues to rage on the southern border. –“

Cruz Had Nothing To Say About The Fact That Kids Shouldn’t Get Shot In School.

Children should be able to attend school without being shot. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of their kids in school.

Cruz’s comments are typical of the Republican position that kids getting shot in school is just something that we have to live with. It is an inconvenience that should be glossed over and moved on from as soon as possible.

Sen. Cruz didn’t ask why kids are carrying guns in Texas schools and if maybe that is a problem?

Cruz said the usual empty Republican word salad and then moved on to fearmongering about immigrants and the southern border.

If Ted Cruz cared, he would have abandoned his talking points,  spoke about the school shooting, and left.

Cruz sure seemed like he didn’t care that kids and an adult got shot in school.