Trump Pushes Under Criminal Investigation Donald Trump Jr. As A Candidate For Office

The failed former president pushes his son, Donald Trump Jr., who is currently under criminal investigation as a candidate for office.

Trump Touts Donald Trump Jr. As A Candidate For Office.

Business Insider reported:

“I would help him,” Trump told Washington Examiner’s David Drucker in an interview for his new book, “In Trump’s Shadow: The Battle for 2024 and the Future of the GOP,” which came out on Tuesday.

“There are certain places where he couldn’t be beaten,” the former president added, without mentioning specifics.

Donald Trump Jr. Is Currently Under Criminal Investigation.

Donald Trump Jr. is a focus of the criminal investigation in New York surrounding the Trump family business, and the illegal hush-money payouts to Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump were all told to get criminal defense lawyers.

All three of the adult children are being looked at by prosecutors in the investigation of the Trump Organization.

Donald Trump definitely put a ceiling on his kid’s electability by saying that in some places, he couldn’t lose. It is a safe bet that those places would include Alabama, Tennessee, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, West Virginia, and other sparsely populated red states where the former president remains popular.

Donald Trump Jr. has a better chance of a felony conviction than holding state or federal elective office.

Even if Trump never returns to the White House again, he is trying to set the stage for his kids to continue the corruption of American politics.