Trump And Donald Trump Jr. Are Under Criminal Investigation In NY

According to former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman, Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are under criminal investigation in New York.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Are Under Investigation

Akerman said on MSNBC‘s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The first big takeaway is that Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are under investigation. The only reason that this has been redacted is because of an ongoing investigation. The two people that we know that the U.S. Attorneys office is looking at is Donald Trump and his son. So, this does not augur well for either of them.


I think it’s happening. Those are the two people that are potential subjects of this investigation that are so obvious. I mean, when you look at what the evidence is, now there are two witnesses that could testify against Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. It’s Michael Cohen and it’s the fellow from the Enquirer. And then you’ve got documents that back it up, checks that were signed. You’ve got a tape that corroborates him. And even better, you’ve got Donald Trump’s kind of shifting statements on where he was on this whole thing. First, he had no idea who Stormy Daniels was, he didn’t have anything to do with it. Well, he might have had Cohen do something. He’s got so many statements. The hardest part about that prosecution is picking the jury because you just can’t find a fair and impartial jury so easily in a couple of days. You’ll take a three-day trial, turn it into two to three weeks just picking the jury.


What was redacted in search warrant documents is telling

The entire section on the hush money conspiracy was redacted in the Michael Cohen search warrants. The reason why that information was redacted is that there are still people being investigated for those crimes. Donald Trump is terrified because it is obvious that prosecutors and the FBI have a mountain of evidence against him and his family.

The question of whether or not the SDNY will try to indict Trump while he is in office is back on the table. There is nothing stopping prosecutors from indicting Donald Trump Jr., but what is clear according to legal experts is that Trump and his son are under investigation, as their lies and crimes are catching up to them.

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