Trump’s Terror Grows As The FBI and Prosecutors Have Mountains Of Evidence Against Him

Trump is terrified because both Mueller and the Southern District of New York have mountains of evidence of his crimes.

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “And these are still, for the most part, dynamic, pending investigations. Judges — judge still saying I don’t want this out yet, it’s going to reveal too much and reveal names. And for those who say, you know what, we shouldn’t believe Cohen and his testimony because he’s a convicted liar, let’s look at what we’ve learned today. That is that these mountains — this mountain of evidence is such that you almost don’t have to believe Cohen because prosecutors, the special counsel, the southern district of New York, the FBI, have so much evidence to back up what they do that you could almost discount public testimony from Cohen and realize that the data is there and the data will win the day. ”

Figliuzzi was referring to some unsealed court documents that gave a small glimpse into the amount of evidence that law enforcement has against Trump.


The search warrants used in the Cohen raid provided the first glimpse of just how much info has been gathered against Trump:


Trump is scared because there is a mountain of evidence against him

Trump can’t hide all of the evidence. Prosecutors have the goods on potential criminal activity that the public has not heard about yet. Donald Trump’s strategy has shifted to making sure that the evidence never sees the light of day because he knows that investigators have it all. His mission now is to make sure that the American people never see it.

The evidence is in the hands of law enforcement, which means that Trump is fighting an uphill battle against the inevitable tide of justice that will be served.

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