Jim Jordan Loses It As Democrats Block His Propaganda Video At Merrick Garland Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) lost it during a House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Garland after Democrats blocked him from playing a propaganda video.

Jordan Wanted To Play A Video Of Anti-Vaxxer Anti-Mask Parents At School Board Meetings.


The exchange in part:

 Jordan: Mr. Chairman we have a video we would like to play. 
 Mr. Chairman? 

Rep. Dean: I object. I am reserving my right to object to the video. 

Rep. Dean: May I inquire whether the gentleman has followed the committee’s protocol by providing 48 hours notice to the clerk that he was going to use a video? 

Jordan:  We provided notice, there is no 48 hour rule, that is not in the committee rules. We did let the committee staff know that we had a video. 

Nadler: Responding to the gentlelady’s request? 

Rep. Jordan: We did not. 

Dean: I insist on my objection having felt to follow the protocol I insist on my objection. 

Nadler: The objection has been heard in the video will not be shown. 

Republicans then started screaming that Democrats are afraid of parents. Jordan melted down and claimed that there was no rule, and Nadler corrected him, told him that he told him this last year when he tried to violate the rule, and then read the rule to him.

Republicans Intentionally Break The Rules So That They Can Claim Persecution.

Rep. Jordan’s stunt was a trick that Republicans use in hearings. They intentionally violate rules and then complain that they are not being heard are being unfairly persecuted by the majority.

Rep. Jordan didn’t give Democrats notice because his video is propaganda.

Jordan was claiming that AG Garland and the FBI are targeting anti-mask parents.

Democrats weren’t about to let Jordan overrun a serious hearing with lies and propaganda, so they shut him down