Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan To Kill More People By Recruiting Unvaccinated Cops

Gov. Ron DeSantis went on Fox News on Sunday and delivered a recruiting pitch offering unvaccinated cops jobs in Florida.

Ron DeSantis Recruits Unvaccinated Cops To Florida


DeSantis said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

I think it’s important to point out on a scientific basis most of those first responders have is had covid and recovered, so they have strong protection. And is so I think that influences their decision on a lot of in that they have already had it and recovered. So they’re making no accommodations for that. They’re still pretend thing like that doesn’t even exist, so that’s really, really troubling when you see that. 

But I can tell you, Maria, in Florida not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs, we’re actually actively working to recruit out of state law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and sheriffs’ departments. So in the next legislative session, I’m going to hopefully sign legislation that gives a $5,000 bonus to any out of state law enforcement that relocates in Florida. So, NYPD, Minneapolis, Seattle, if you’re not being treated well, we’ll treat you better here. You can fill important needs for us, and we’ll compensate you as a result. 

DeSantis Is Recruiting Unvaccinated Cops To Spread COVID

According to the CDC, natural immunity after COVID exposure only lasts for 90 days. Gov. DeSantis is recruiting unvaccinated police officers who could bring COVID with them and spread the virus even more in Florida.

DeSantis is being advised on COVID by some of the same quacks that advised Trump. 

DeSantis’s pitch appears to be part of his effort to turn Florida into a COVID colony of the unvaccinated, and it represents a danger to the safety and security of the country.