Court Weighs Opening Trump Money Laundering Investigation In Scotland

The highest court in Scotland is hearing an argument on opening a money-laundering investigation into Donald Trump’s finances.

Trump Could Be Facing A Money Laundering Investigation In Scotland.

The Scotsman reported:

A judicial review into the Scottish Government’s refusal to pursue an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) into the former US president’s business was told the money for Mr Trump’s golf resorts was being “funnelled in from elsewhere outside the UK from apparently unlimited funds”.


The so-called ‘McMafia’ order allows authorities to target suspected corrupt foreign officials who have potentially laundered stolen money through the UK. The civil power is designed to force the owners of assets to disclose their wealth. If an official, or their family, cannot prove a legitimate source for their riches, authorities can go to court to seize property.

Trump Could Be Forced To Disclose Where His Money Is Coming From.

Trump’s math for his Scottish golf course is not adding up, and many suspect that Trump is laundering money through the golf course. Any investigation that forces Trump to disclose the real sources of his wealth could be devastating both at home and abroad.

Donald Trump’s flimsy paper empire is facing investigations from all sides. Officials in New York City and state are investigating his business. Officials in Washington, DC are probing the potential funneling of 2016 inauguration funds into Trump’s business, and these investigations don’t include the probes into the January 6th attack and Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

Trump’s decades of fuzzy math are catching up to him, and the world could soon find out the truth about Donald Trump and his potentially dirty money.

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