Kevin McCarthy’s House Republicans Are At Each Other’s Throats

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:59 pm

Kevin McCarthy couldn’t calm down the far-right Trumpers in his caucus who want those GOPers who voted for infrastructure punished.

Politico reported:

With a vote on Democrats’ social spending plan likely soon, McCarthy cautioned that now is not the time for GOP infighting. But could the 13 House Republicans eventually face internal discipline for helping President Joe Biden get a win? Multiple sources say McCarthy left that open-ended.

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Ultra-conservative members walked out of the GOP meeting still saying they wanted Katko and others to face consequences for their vote, and other rank-and-file Republicans also say they are still upset.

If Democrats lose the House, watching the far-right Republicans/domestic terrorists eat Kevin McCarthy alive is going to be one of the best shows in American politics.

McCarthy is already showing that he has no ability to lead or control the House Republican caucus. Minority Leader McCarthy has less ability to be an effective speaker than Nancy Pelosi possesses in one of her fingernails.

The Republicans are already tearing into each other, and the 2022 election is still roughly a year away.

The best thing that could happen to the country is that an improved economy and strong message power Democrats to keep the majority because if McCarthy and his crew take over, it will be a disaster for the nation.

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