The Dumbest Man In Congress, Louie Gohmert, Announces Run For Texas AG

1/6 coup co-conspirator and widely regarded dumbest man in Congress, Rep. Louie Gohmert, announced his run for Texas Attorney General.


Gohmert said, “I’d announced a few days ago that if we could raise a million dollars, I’d run for Congress, um, Attorney General, and as of now, we have the money. It’s been raised. I will be running for the Texas attorney general’s job.”

Rep. Gohmert once claimed that a mask gave him COVID. He routinely humiliates himself on the issue of climate change.

Gohmert hangs out with Qanon and blames the left for 1/6.

The real reason for Gohmert’s candidacy is that he wants to be AG so that he will be in a position to file lawsuits after Donald Trump loses again in 2024. Louie Gohmert likely committed crimes against America. He is the last person who needs to be a state’s top prosecutor.