Biden Saves Kids By Reversing Trump’s Pro-Mercury Pollution Rules

The Biden administration reversed Trump’s weakening of mercury pollution rules which will help protect kids from poisoning.

Biden To Reverse Trump’s Air Pollution Rule

The New York Times reported, “The Biden administration on Monday will reinstate a way of measuring the benefits of reducing air pollution, the first step in a plan that could tighten limits on the amount of mercury that can be discharged from coal-burning power plants. Mercury is a neurotoxin that poses a particular danger to the brain development of children and fetuses.”

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), Chair of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “EPA implemented the MATS rule a decade ago which has drastically reduced air toxic emissions in the years since, protecting the most vulnerable from deadly mercury pollution and other air toxins. Despite this great success, the previous administration ignored science as it attempted to turn back the clock on these protections. Fortunately, we can now breathe a little easier knowing that EPA is sticking with what most of us know to be true—clean air is integral to healthy communities and a thriving economy.”

Biden Is Cleaning The Air And Protecting Kids

Trump reversed a decade-old rule that protected fetuses and children. So much for Republicans being the pro-family party and the party of the unborn.

Some on the left get frustrated that Biden isn’t moving faster to reverse Trump policies, but the administration seems to be moving as fast as it can being that they are also dealing with a pandemic and challenges in the economy.

Presidential administrations are always at work, and each day the Biden administration is taking steps big and small to implement their vision of a better life for the American people.

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