Hannity Tantrums after Liz Cheney exposes his 1/6 hypocrisy

Scarborough: Why Was Hannity More Concerned About 1/6 Than Law Enforcement?

Why was Sean Hannity texting Mark Meadows in the week before January 6th expressing his concern that something he disagreed with, or worried about, would occur and yet the FBI had not put everyone in the White House and National Guard on high alert?

Among many others, Joe Scarborough wants to know. Following up on a Washington Post piece published this morning, linking texts prior to and during January 6th Scarborough asked Jacqueline Alemany of the Washington Post, who published a piece on the texts:

“My question is, Sean Hannity was very worried about the next 48 hours and he was telling the White House he was worried about the next 48 hours,

“Why weren’t law enforcement officers and the National Guard and everybody else worried about the next 48 hours? You are right, these text messages are pretty extraordinary. Hannity also basically begging the White House — somebody in the White House — to get people to stop rioting on the capitol grounds.

Though the text itself was not discussed during the interview, the answer to Joe’s question might partially lie in a text Hannity sent to Meadows a week prior to January 6th. From the Washington Post report:

We can’t lose the entire WH counsel’s office. I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he is being told. After the 6th. He should announce will lead the nationwide effort to reform voting integrity.

There is a lot that one could read into those three sentences and much of it would be speculation, but clearly, Hannity knew that the White House had a plan to “win” on January 6th and he did not like it. Whether Hannity knew that the plan entailed intimidating Mike Pence (As Peter Navarro has already admitted was part of the plan), we do not know. It sounds like it.

Regardless, getting back to Scarborough’s question, it seems self-evident that Mark Meadows, the man who could most easily have arranged for 1000 National Guard troops surrounding the Capitol, did not. Indeed, there are indications that deployment of the Guard was intentionally delayed.

Scarborough’s questions are the common sense ones that seem to have very common sense answers, the violence was part of the plan. But those answers remain unproven until the Select Committee can conclude its work.





Jason Miciak

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