Lauren Boebert New Grift Backfires When She Invents Imaginary Rank Of Lieutenant Corporal

Rep. Lauren Boebert released a new video full of culture war buzz words that culminated with making up the rank of Lt. Corporal to thank herself for heckling Biden.


After about 30 seconds of culture war mumbo jumbo, Boebert said, “It is the unreported part that I want you to hear loud and clear. After I spoke up, a few parents of our fallen soldiers reached out to me, and one of the moms encouraged me to share her thoughts with you. Boebert then reads, ‘Hello, Mrs. Boebert, I am Shawna Chapel, the mother of Lt. Corporal.”

There is no such thing as a Lt. Corporal in the military. That rank does not exist. Secondly, Boebert was clearly trying to pull a Donald Trump “sir story” to defend herself from criticism that she deservedly got for heckling President Biden as he was about to mention his dead son at the State Of The Union.

Rep. Boebert is making this up.  Every Republican video or email features the same anger and culture war message. The only problem is that in Boebert’s politically inept hands, it blew up in her face.

Lauren Boebert is now making up military ranks to try to give herself cover from the fact that she heckled the President’s dead son.

Boebert doesn’t belong in Congress.