Rachel Maddow takes out Barry Loudermilk

Rachel Maddow Shreds Rep. Barry Loudermilk And His Story On Leading Capitol Tours

Rachel Maddow took apart Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s changing story about leading Capitol tours the day before the 1/6 attack.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow said:

Now, it turns out, that was at least the tour led by him, in which he let all the people wearing the red caps. Congressman Barry Loudermilk got caught out by the investigation on Thursday. He copped to it on that video on Friday. And guess what happened on Saturday. 

Guess what happened next? You probably guessed this too. Statement from Donald J. Trump, quote, Barry Loudermilk, has my complete and total endorsement. So, this very serious-minded congresswoman came forward with this blood-curdling allegation over a year ago. 

This particular congressman has not just been denying that allegation. He says that he’s seen the proof that this definitely never happened. He’s been mounting an attack on the congressman ever since, trying to get her in trouble for making this allegation. But now, it turns out it was him. At least it was him. It might have been him plus others, but at least him. He did it despite all his denials. He has been caught.

Barry Loudermilk is a liar. He should be punished for filing a false ethics complaint. Loudermilk lied about the tour. He lied about the evidence. He lied about the ethics complaint, and he is probably lying about giving a “family” a tour.

Loudermilk has since admitted that some of the people that he gave a tour to showed up at the Capitol on 1/6.

Given the knowledge and the level of detail that the attackers had, Loudermilk wasn’t the only House Republican giving tours. He’s just the House Republican that we know about.

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