DOJ Reveals That Trump Took Illegal Donations From China

Trump took hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal foreign donations bundled by two straw donors, naturalized citizens from China.

The DOJ described how the two men donated illegal funds to Trump:

In furtherance of their scheme, Li and Wang also acted as “straw donors” for foreign nationals to unlawfully contribute to campaigns supporting U.S. politicians and political committees.  Among other things, Li and Wang promised foreign nationals access to U.S. political events and politicians in exchange for a fee.  Li and Wang used the money they received from foreign nationals to fund political contributions, and falsely identified themselves and other U.S. citizens as the contributors of the funds, in violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and FEC regulations.  In some cases, Li and Wang used TEC investors’ investment funds to make the political contributions which they used to gain access to the political events, where Li and Wang took photographs with elected officials.  Li and Wang would then use the photographs as a marketing tool in soliciting investments from foreign nationals in the TEC Project.   

For example, as alleged in the complaint, Li and Wang charged twelve foreign nationals $93,000 per person for admission to a June 28, 2017 fundraising event (the June 28, 2017 Fundraiser) with the then-President of the United States.  Li and Wang used the funds that they collected from the foreign nationals to unlawfully make $600,000 in political contributions in their own names—$270,500 from Li and $329,500 from Wang—to the joint fundraising committee hosting the June 28, 2017 Fundraiser.  Li, Wang and their foreign national guests attended the June 28, 2017 Fundraiser and took photographs with the then-President of the United States. 

The two men would use the access their illegal donations gave them to Trump to defraud more investors in their bogus companies.

Trump and the GOP are obsessed with Biden and China because it is a textbook case of projection. Trump has a China problem from vast amounts of loans owed to the Chinese government to illegal campaign contributions.

Each time Republicans mention Joe or Hunter Biden and China, remember that it is Donald Trump who they are covering up for.

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