Eric Trump Sounds Ready To Cry As He Talks About The Feds Coming To Take Out His Dad

Eric Trump claimed that the federal government was coming to take out the entire Trump family, as he sounded ready to cry.


Eric Trump said on Hannity:

And then going to Washington, D.C., into a phenomenal job and not play by the rules and end up becoming one of the best presidents this country has ever had, and then they put in one of their own and the guy turns out to be an absolute flop. It is a terrible terrible job in the country is going to hell under his leadership and all of a sudden he realized his son is in trouble and that he’s in trouble and their political party is in trouble and that Donald Trump is poised — he wanted it. If you wanted it and decided to hop back on that stage and wanted it, they know he’s poised to win. 

And guess what? That threatens them, that threatens who they are, and they will do anything they can to take him out, to take me out, to take don outcome to take Ivanka out, to take our family out. They do it every single day,  they do it at the state level, federal level, the FBI does. They make our lives hell every single day because they are threatened by Donald J. Trump and honestly, I hope — and I’m saying this for the first time — I hope he goes out and beats these guys again because honestly, this country can’t survive this nonsense. It can’t. This is not who we are.

Eric Trump tried to spread the family BS that the Trumps are in so much legal jeopardy because of politics, and not the fact that they are committing crimes, but he didn’t sound effective or convincing.

The undertone of what he was saying was fear and worry.

The Trumps never in their worst nightmares thought that the FBI would come knocking on daddy’s door to raid them, but that is exactly what happened.

Eric Trump is scared. Donald Trump is scared. It is all coming apart. The bill has come due for decades of criminality, and the FBI has arrived at the house to collect.