Sean Hannity Just Stupidly Got Himself Subpoenaed

hannity interview trump

Sean Hannity is two things: stupid, and devoted to Donald Trump. And the combination of those two things just put the belligerent Fox News host in a position where he is almost certainly going to find himself the subject of at least one subpoena. read more

Hannity Tells Republicans Not to Support ‘Garbage’ Border Security Deal

The man who appears to be in charge of the Republican Party, Sean Hannity, has issued a new warning to Republicans in Congress. After the details of a border security funding compromise was leaked late last night the Fox News personality said: read more

New Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Outs Sean Hannity In Trump Propaganda Collusion

The new lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels against her former attorney implicates Sean Hannity in Trump propaganda collusion.

Rudy Giuliani Self-Destructs And Accidentally Admits Trump And Cohen Committed A Felony

Rudy Giuliani was in the midst of a softball interview with Sean Hannity when he admitted that Trump knew about the Stormy Daniels payment and that they laundered it through Michael Cohen's law firm.

Eric Trump Freaks Out and Has A Russia Scandal Meltdown On Fox News

The Trump family is freaking out over Russia as Eric Trump tried to reassure his dad's supporters that everything was fine, but what came out of his mouth was a frenzied rant about the media, the 2016 election, and an unmistakable tone of distraction and panic.

Kelllyanne Conway Humiliates Herself Trying To Defend Trump’s Horrible Poll Numbers

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to attack the media by saying that someone should call her when the media's numbers are higher than Trump's. The problem is that they already are.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Sean Hannity Interview Was A Complete And Total Disaster For Trump

Donald Trump Jr. sat down with his good friend Sean Hannity and flat out contradicted his own emails with a series of lies that were a total disaster, but you can be sure made President Trump feel better as he sat in jammies and watched from the White House.

Next Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy Admits Benghazi Investigation Is A Sham

mccarthy benghazi investigation

In a stunning revelation, the likely next Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) admitted that the point of the Benghazi investigation is to get Hillary Clinton.

Sean Hannity And Guest Blame Jon Stewart And Liberals For Spring Break Rape

Hannity guest Gavin McInnes claims Jon Stewart has "blood on his hands" for mocking FOX's spring break coverage.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Treats Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Like He’s An Expert On ISIS

On Tuesday night's episode of Hannity, host Sean Hannity welcomed Duck Dynasty star and renowned homophobe Phil Robertson on the set to discuss the recent developments in the Middle East surrounding the radical Islamist group ISIS.

Bush’s Brain Damaged: Karl Rove Goes Full Blown Hillary Health Truther On Fox News

Karl Rove blew a gasket and went full on Hillary Clinton health conspiracy truther while trying to defend his bogus brain damage smear on Fox News.

War Criminal Dick Cheney Calls President Obama Un-American

On Fox News, former vice president Dick Cheney claimed that President Obama doesn't believe in things that Americans believe in, and doesn't understand America.

Fox News Accuses Obama of Using Trayvon Martin to Provoke Racial Confrontation

Fox News continues to demonize Trayvon Martin and President Obama by claiming that Obama is using the shooting to provoke a racial confrontation.

Sarah Palin Attacks and Demeans The Disabled By Calling Them Defenseless

While taking part in Sean Hannity's show on left wing hate language, Sarah Palin demeaned disabled Americans by referring to them as defenseless.

Sarah Palin Explains Why Santorum Rises To The Top

Unintentional comedy gold took center stage on Fox News' Hannity as Sarah Palin gave her expert analysis on why Santorum rises to the top.

Palin Won’t “Waste” Time Letting Couric Interview Her Again

That Couric is a pretty horrible person. "Journalistic ethics be damned," Katie Couric must have told herself. "I'm going to ask her what she reads!"

A Fox News Fairy Tale: Sarah Palin Will Clean Obama’s Clock in 2012

Yet another example of how Fox News is revving up their Republican campaign machine for Sarah Palin occurred on Hannity last night when Sean Hannity claimed that, "I think Gov. Palin, if they keep up with this radical agenda will clean Obama's clock." That's a nice fairy tale for Sean Hannity to spin, but let's take a look at what will really happen if Barack Obama meets up with Sarah Palin in 2012.

Ted Nugent Claims That Obama is Spitting on the Ten Commandments

It was a bonzo gonzo crazy fest on FNC's Hannity recently as Ted Nugent showed up and blasted the Obama administration as spitting in the face of average Americans. Nugent said, "Then they see an administration that is spitting on the US Constitution, the Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights and the Golden Rule."

Newt Gingrich Defends BP and Calls the Oil Spill Victims Fund Socialism

Future 2012 GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich turned up on FNC's Hannity tonight to argue against BP having to set up an escrow account for the Gulf oil spill victims, because holding BP accountable has turned the United States into a "Venezuela style country." Gringrich feels sympathy not for the residents of the Gulf, but for poor BP.

Sarah Palin Tells President Obama to Humble Himself

Sarah Palin continued her desperate quest to inject herself into the Gulf oil leak story by appearing on FNC's Hannity tonight to urge President Obama to, "humble himself," and, "call those around you on a non -partisan basis that could give you the best advice." Palin seemed to suggest that the black president needs to be more humble and rely on white advisers like her.