Bush’s Brain Damaged: Karl Rove Goes Full Blown Hillary Health Truther On Fox News


Karl Rove blew a gasket and went full on Hillary Clinton health conspiracy truther while trying to defend his bogus brain damage smear on Fox News.


Rove was on Hannity when kept digging the ditch even deeper for Republicans by reviving his health smear:

She has a problem with the fact that I said she had a serious health incident and that I thought it would be a bigger part of her personal calculation than most people anticipate. If she’s got a problem with that then take it up with her husband, who went out and declared to the country something that we didn’t know. That this health incident was so serious that she had to spend six months of really hard work to overcome the after effect of it.Now, if she’s got a problem with it, go argue with her husband, because he told us something we didn’t know.

Her State Department PR apparatus said, no, no, no, no problem, she over this in thirty days. She’s over with, and then she shows up with these fractal glasses that you have to wear if you got vision problems as a result of a traumatic concussion, and I repeat, it was her husband the former president who went out and said, ‘You didn’t realize how serious this was It took Hillary six months of really hard work to overcome it and I’m proud of her.’ That’s something that we the American people didn’t know. Look, she’s going to say what she’s going to say because she is antagonistic towards the press, and she has a very thin skin, and she will abide no criticism. It’s one of the least attractive things we see in Hillary Clinton.

Rove thinks that he is throwing Hillary Clinton off of her game, but he is only making things worse for the Republican Party. Karl Rove is trying to define Clinton as someone who has a thin skin, and can’t handle criticism. This allegation is ridiculous on its surface, because Clinton has been handling criticism since she was the First Lady during her husband’s time in office.

There is a great deal of sexism behind Rove’s presumption that Hillary Clinton is thin skinned. He is trying to create the misogynistic perception of Clinton as someone who because of her gender is not “tough enough” to be president. Just as Republicans used President Obama’s race against him, they are going to use Hillary Clinton’s gender against her.

The problem for Rove and the Republican Party is that Hillary Clinton is already known. They aren’t going to be able to change who former Sec. Clinton is with voters. The Clinton name carries with it powerful reminders of peace at home and better economic times. Republicans have no idea how to combat the most well known and beloved brand in Democratic politics.

A poll released last month revealed that 67% of the American people disapproved of Rove’s concussion smear against Hillary Clinton. Instead of backing off, Karl Rove is digging the Republican Party in deeper by doubling down. Rove was the one who sounded concussed as he breathlessly rambled on about Hillary Clinton’s concussion. The former Bush’s Brain still believes that he is living in the year 2000 and that his outdated political pop gun tactics have a chance of stopping Hillary Clinton.

If anyone is suffering from brain damage in this situation, it’s Karl Rove.

12 Replies to “Bush’s Brain Damaged: Karl Rove Goes Full Blown Hillary Health Truther On Fox News”

  1. If your going to get America back on track, don’t vote republican. Their policies are no good for the American working class, they won’t work and they never have worked. I know there’s people that disagree with me and I challenge them to go to the library, get books and study the political parties. Study the history and when America was most prosperous and DON’T WATCH fox news.

  2. His meltdown on Fox election night 2012 insisting Obama hadn’t taken Ohio was a thing of beauty. That he’s getting so fired up again this early in the game only proves the GOP is scared sh*tless of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  3. Rove forgets a lot of the history he helped shape while he was in the White House, while his ignorance is still staggeringly stupendous. For example, Rove is terrified the Shia will lose confidence in the USA, but at the same time he is criticizing the Iranians as terrorists. Karl, here is a clue – the Iranians are the Shia. Give us a break and send Karl back to the college he never finished. Same for Hannity – give him a scholarship to somewhere – anywhere he can learn about US history and at least a tiny bit about world history. These two men embarrass themselves and they don’t even realize it – because they are culturally deprived and educationally disadvantaged.

  4. The Party of “No” is so petrified of HRC that Rove will attack every word Hillary says just to demean her. Trouble with that is….he’s demeaning himself 100 times more than he is her!
    So, let’s get started by Voting Democrat BLUE in November 2014, to clear a path for 2016. Midterms count MORE NOW than at any other time in our history. If TeapubliKKKlan extremists keep lying to manipulate the American people (Goebbels Nazi propaganda circa 1930’s) and they take over the congress……Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that has ever happened that is good for the people will be obliterated, eviscerated, destroyed, ended!
    So THINK about that while deciding if you will vote in November. THINK of women suffragettes and millions who marched and died for the right to vote. THINK of your children/grandchildren living under a Fascist Oligarchy – where only powerful corporations matter and Rule. Reject the distortions and 24/7 hateful rhetoric on Fox & Freaks. THINK!

  5. Just one alteration to this article: Hillary has been handling criticism (politics-wise) since Bill was first elected Governor of Arkansas. She can take all the crap dished out to her and toss it back in the most lady-like way!
    Don’t cross Hillary. You’ve NO idea what you’re in for if you do. And for Rove to continue throwing crap at her (and missing) just shows that it’s well past time for the GOP to send him out to pasture, along with all the other bull(shitters).

  6. There’s only one Republican that’s showing any class and that’s George W. Bush. You hear nothing from him and he’s the one who started both wars. However you hear a lot from Rowe, Chaney and his brain dead daughter who just wants to win at anything.

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