Devin Nunes Demands Criminal Charges To Distract From Coronavirus

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) showed up on Fox News and demanded that people involved with the Russia investigation be charged with crimes as he tried to distract from the coronavirus.

Nunes said on Fox News’s Hannity, “Roger Stone is in jail right now. Ok, because of these dirty cops and the obstruction of justice trap that the Mueller team put together. I hope that there better be people charged with lying and obstructing a congressional investigation because we should have been given this information.”


Roger Stone is not in jail. He is out and awaiting a ruling on his request for a new trial. `

Nunes has been showing up on Fox News with increasing frequency and getting more crazy with each appearance.

Reading between the lines, it is obvious that Trump’s state-run media and his biggest supporters in Congress, like Nunes, are desperate to change the subject to anything that is not the coronavirus, Trump’s failed response, and the collapsing US economy.

Rep. Nunes is looking wild-eyed and frazzled as it is clear that even he is starting to realize that the Trump presidency is slipping into oblivion.

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