Devin Nunes Accuses Democrats of Impeachment Drug deal

Devin Nunes Is Now Officially No Longer A Member Of Congress

Devin Nunes is now officially gone from Congress as his resignation letter was read on the House floor.

Video of Nunes’s resignation letter being read:

Devin Nunes left Congress to take a job at Trump’s fake social media company that is already under federal investigation. 

The House became a little more functional and less crazy with Nunes becoming an ex-congressman. It is also a sad day for Vladimir Putin as he lost one of his most dependable launderers of Russian talking points in Congress.

Devin Nunes has fully and completely hitched his wagon to Trump’s carriage of corruption. One suspects that if the new Trump social media company runs afoul of the law, Donald Trump has drafted himself a ready-made stooge to take the fall in the person of Devin Nunes.

Goodbye, Devin Nunes. Your toxic presence in the House as a preeminent flying monkey for Donald Trump will not be missed.

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