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RFK Jr. speaks at a Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity.

A Single Damning Moment Exposes RFK Jr., Fox News, And The Republican Party

RFK Jr. during a Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity blamed the US for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and claimed the US wants war with Russia, and the audience responded with applause.

RFK Jr. told Hannity his version of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Because of our pushing Ukraine into the war. On two occasions, in 2019, France, Germany, and Russia agreed to the Minsk Accords. That year, Zelenskyy ran for president. He was a comedian. Why did he win? Because he ran on one issue, signing the Minsk Accords. As soon as he got in there, the White House told him he couldn’t do it. Putin then sends 40,000 troops in. That is not enough to conquer the country. He wanted us to come to the negotiating table. Zelenskyy came to the negotiating table, signed an agreement that was the Minsk Accords II in 2022, and that would have allowed the Donbas to stay and remain as part of Ukraine. Putin, signing it. Zelenskyy initialed it, and Putin in good faith began withdrawing troops from Ukraine. We set Boris Johnson over there to torpedo it. We don’t want peace. We want war with Russia.


Sean Hannity to his credit called Putin evil and said that no one will miss the Russian dictator when he is dead. Hannity also questioned RFK Jr.’s claim the US pushed Ukraine into the war. Sean Hannity’s big problem is that he thinks Europe should be taking on more of the burden and Biden isn’t doing enough to beat Russia.

The audience gave RFK Jr. applause that was louder than Hannity’s for claiming that the US wants war with Russia.

In a single clip RFK Jr. was outed as a Putin puppet. Fox News viewers were revealed to have been brainwashed by years of Trump and Putin propaganda, and the Republican Party was shown to have been significantly against democracy.

The moment in the RFK Jr. town hall was damning for a lot of reasons because it revealed that the national security pro-America Republican Party is dead, and has been replaced by a conspiracy-laden, easily manipulated, anti-democracy segment of far-right conservatism.

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