Rachel Maddow Calls Out Republicans For Waging War On Law Enforcement After Trump Raid

Rachel Maddow said while interviewing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that we are entering an era of Republicans declaring war on law enforcement.

Video of Maddow and Schumer:

Maddow said:

And we are starting to see very far-right Trump-supporting members of the other party — of the Republican party talk about things like going after the Justice Department, going after the FBI, defunding or getting rid of the Justice Department, getting rid of the FBI. We’re seeing high-profile ambitious Republican governors go after individual prosecutors for not wanting to prosecute things the way that governors want them prosecuted in their states.

With the FBI raiding the president’s house today at Mar-a-Lago — and I know you don’t want to talk about that in substance, it seems clear — I think it seems obvious to both of us we’re about to enter into a new and intense area of the Republicans and Trump-supporting Republicans really waging war on law enforcement and especially on the idea of federal law enforcement.

Schumer replied, “Yeah, look, what’s happened, and you put it well, a large chunk of the Republicans. Not all of them but a large chunk have become what I call MAGA Republicans, Trump Republicans with little respect for rule of law, with little respect for the balance of power of institutions, frankly with little respect for truth itself. I mean when a third of all people and the majority of Republicans now believe the election was stolen, when there’s no evidence to that effect, there’s no proof of that. The good news on that front is it’s hurting them. In just speaking in terms of preventing them of getting power in the House or increasing in the Senate and in the House, the number — the numbers in all of our elections is looking very, very good in both our incumbents and our challengers.”

To prove Maddow’s point, shortly after the raid on Trump made the news, Steve Bannon was calling for the Justice Department to be defunded and investigated. The 1/6 attack revealed that Republicans are at war with law enforcement. They have become a lawless party that is only going to escalate after the FBI raided Trump.