Former Press Secretary: Somebody Close To Trump Is Tipping Off The FBI

Former Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham suggested that somebody close to Trump is tipping off the FBI and telling them where to look.


Grisham said on CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront:

I will say something that I find really interesting. You know, Mar-a-Lago is his home, and so it makes complete sense to me that that’s where his most valuable items would be stored, and you know, as you mentioned with Maggie’s story today with the pictures coming out, another thing that keeps hitting me is how are they knowing about this stuff?

 I know the circle around the president. I know the circle around the president at the white house and now, and it’s got to be somebody very close giving Maggie and giving the DOJ and the FBI and anyone else this kind of information where to look. And I find that to be really interesting and I hope that that plays out a little bit more.

Somebody close to Trump who is in his private areas of Mar-a-Lago and knows where the evidence is located has been tipping off reporters and the FBI. Since Grisham thinks that it is someone close to Trump, that automatically rules out his family.

Has the FBI gotten to one of Trump’s co-conspirators and gotten him/her to flip?

For years, the public has heard stories about how investigations of Trump are treated like organized crime probes, if the feds infiltrated Trump’s organization, it would be a sure way to bring him down.

No matter how it is happening, Stephanie Grisham is probably correct. Someone is talking.