Trump Is Fundraising Off Of Being Raided By The FBI

Trump sent out a fundraising text for his super PAC hours after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

NBC News’s Sahil Kapur tweeted:

Since Trump is not a declared candidate for president, he can’t fundraise in his own name. Instead, Trump is using his America First PAC (slush fund) to raise money from his followers.

Trump’s business income took a nosedive after he got into politics, so the only steady source of cash that he has is his PAC, which is why no matter what happens, Donald Trump is going to keep sending out fundraising requests.

The grift is not going to stop until Donald Trump is no longer alive.

It is easy to imagine Trump keeping the super PAC going from behind bars, so thanks to Citizens United, even prison is unlikely to stop him.

There is nothing that Donald Trump won’t try to turn into cash.

Just like a televangelist, persecution equals cash.

Trump will fundraise off of anything including his potentially criminal acts.