As He Faces Financial Destruction, Trump Sells Video Statements For $50

So it has gotten to the point where “Team Trump” (that’s what they call themselves) is selling video statements by Donald Trump for $50.00. That is kind of pathetic, even for Trump.

Are you capable of suffering such humiliation? Are you capable of charging $50.00 for the opportunity to hear you rant and rage about all the stuff these people already know? If you knew that there exists, maybe 10-20% of MAGA-nation is ready to step up, and you’re obligated to grab every dollar, so a chance at $50 each… Would you jump?

No. You would not. Obviously, you are not as arrogant nor as desperate as Donald Trump. Only Trump is Trump, and thus, Trump is putting it out there:

Yes. Want to know why they are offering the “buyer” the “first chance to see it”? It is surely because some entrepreneurs from the far right to the far left can copy it and then advertise it on Truth Social and Twitter, allowing the secondary buyer can see it with only a “$5 donation” worded in a way that the buyer believes the money is going to Trump but at a more affordable price. Of course, the very small print ensures the buyer that the money will go to a political organization, maybe a one-woman operation. In other words, someone can out-Trump, team Trump.

It is probably a good thing that writers don’t possess such computer skills and would feel somewhat bad about asking people for money on a ruse. But we sure could write a compelling case to pay for this must-see video… could partner…

Hmmm, it’s only $5… it would deny the money to Trump… Daughter’s birthday is coming… Is it “Trumpian” if the joke is on Trump? Questions… for our readers. We can’t do it as media.