E. Jean Carroll laughs at Trump

Judge Smokes Trump And Rules He Must Testify In E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit

A federal judge has ruled that Trump must be deposed in a week in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit.

Bloomberg reported:

US District Judge Lewis Kaplan wrote that he believed Trump ultimately would lose his appeal, and that allowing long-delayed depositions and the exchange of evidence in the meantime would not create an “undue burden” on Trump. He said further delays were a “serious concern” given how long the case had already been pending and how long the next round of the appeal could take.

Kaplan also criticized the former president for pursuing “dilatory” litigation tactics and said he should not be “permitted to run the clock out on plaintiff’s attempt to gain a remedy for what allegedly was a serious wrong.”

In other words, the judge is on to all of Trump’s games and is not about to let him stall. Trump has spent his entire adult life trying to wait out legal action and wear down the people who sue him with endless delays, but it is not going to work in this case.

Judge Kaplan’s rebuke of Trump was strong.

E. Jean Carroll has been trying to get justice for years. Trump used the platform of the presidency to defame and smear her. No matter what Trump argues, his comments were not part of his official presidential duties, so he should not be immune from litigation.

Thanks to a change in New York law, he will also likely be facing a rape lawsuit from Carroll this fall. 

Trump’s lifetime of criminal behavior is finally catching up to him as justice is finally coming for him.


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