Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Paul Pelosi for His Own Attack

For every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides.

Injuries and Death Inside the Home, Trauma, 1998 August: 45

Marjorie Taylor Greene blames Paul Pelosi, in part, for his own attack because he wasn’t standing there with an assault rifle ready to blast away:

“The U.S. now has the highest crime we’ve seen in decades, where Americans are robbed, stabbed, raped, kidnapped, carjacked and murdered, but the only crime victim you hear about from Democrats in the media is Paul Pelosi.

“Paul Pelosi was brutally attacked by a drugged out illegal alien that should have been deported.

“And Paul Pelosi should have been a gun owner and shot his attacker.

In this simply gross abuse of Paul Pelosi, is there any proof that Pelosi didn’t own a gun and was simply caught totally by surprise, as so many would be in a home invasion? No, we have not heard. We haven’t heard a lot of the details of the matter. The illegal immigrant stuff spanned multiple administrations since he entered in 2008, and in that time, DePape became an anti-immigrant election denying Trumper.

In Marjorie Taylor Greene’s America, one in which we’re simply awash in violent crime (Historically speaking, we’re not), if you are attacked in your own home, despite considerable security measures, it is your fault for not blowing the guy away the moment he steps into your home. And, given that this is politics in 2022 expect to be booed as a victim of crime, unless you blew the person away like Rep. Greene would if she were caught totally by surprise, maybe brushing her teeth.

Last thing, the intruder, DePape, entered the Pelosi home with a hammer and plastic ties rather than a gun. It is possible that Paul Pelosi is alive today because it is much harder to get a gun in California than in Texas, Georgia, or Iowa? See the study above; perhaps the California legislature read the stats and decided guns weren’t always the answer to home safety. Perhaps stopping violent crime prior is a better way to save one’s life than a shoot-out between a prepared person and a surprised person.