Jim Jordan Claims He Can’t Read Without His Glasses When Shown Trump’s Violent Threats

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was shown Trump’s threat of violence if he is indicted by a reporter but claimed that he couldn’t read well without his glasses.

NBC News’s Sahil Kapur tweeted:

As Trump descends deeper into panic and desperation, his defenders like Rep. Jordan are having to resort to increasingly improbable excuses to avoid commenting on the former president’s behavior.

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Jordan, along with Marjorie Taylor Greene are at the forefront of the House Republican defense of Trump, but they are being increasingly boxed in by Trump’s rhetoric.

Rep. Jordan’s claim that he can’t see without his glasses when confronted with evidence of Trump’s attempts to incite national violence would be funny if it was not so pathetic and carried potentially dangerous consequences.

House Republicans will never disavow Trump, but they are increasingly running out of ways to distance themselves from what he is doing.

Jim Jordan wants to defend Trump without taking any of the blame if things go sideways.

Jordan got away with it on 1/6 by frequently having memory lapses and stonewalling the January 6th Committee. Now that is the chair of the Judiciary Committee and running the Weaponization of Government subcommittee, there is nowhere to hide.

As Trump teeters, Jim Jordan is turning to the dog ate my homework level of political excuses.

The difference this time is that Rep. Jordan has placed himself front and center and won’t be able to avoid the blame.