Rachel Maddow talks about the Nashville School shootings

Rachel Maddow Delivers Jaw Dropping Context On The Mass Shooting Epidemic

Rachel Maddow put into context the degree to which the mass shooting epidemic has gotten out of control.


Maddow said:

Gun murders, mass gun murders are so common in this country that it’s entirely possible that you might survive a mass shooting only to endure another one. That is a thing that happens now in our country. It is statistically possible. Gun murders are, in fact, so common in this country that the shooter in one attack could shoot and kill 11 people, drive to a nearby parking lot to kill himself at the site of where another mass shooting had occurred just a few years prior.

The family vacation visiting Tennessee today when she and her family end up in the middle of another mass shooting. The fact that reporters are covering shootings at their own kids’ schools, that people are surviving multiple mass shootings before they are legally allowed to drink, these aren’t crazy coincidences. This is a measure of the prevalence of this problem in our country. This kind of stuff is happening over and over and over again because mass shootings really do happen that frequently in the United States.

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If Republicans were not moved to act after the murder of kindergarteners just before Christmas at Sandy Hook Elementary, and deaths of high schools in Parkland that launched a national gun safety movement, and the slaughter of children and adults in Uvalde, Texas, then there no is no single incident that is going to move the needle for them.

The rest of the nation sees with their own eyes each day what Rachel Maddow described. The mass shooting epidemic is getting worse.

The longer our nation allows these rampages to continue. The worse the problem becomes.

Of course, we need to protect the Second Amendment, but most responsible gun owners aren’t plotting and carrying out mass shootings. There is a middle ground between Second Amendment absolutism and taking action to protect as many people as possible from losing their lives in mass shootings.

When the American people traditionally see a problem, they will elect people who will act to solve that problem. If voters make stopping mass shootings an electoral priority, they will save lives by electing candidates who will take action instead of special interest money.

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