The Trump family threatens Ron DeSantis.

The Trump Family Is Now Threatening To Hurt Ron DeSantis

Kimberly Guilfoyle warned that Ron DeSantis is going to get hurt and end up in the junkyard if he runs against Trump.


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Kimberly Guilfoyle said on Newsmax on Saturday:

If you are going to run against Donald Trump. You are going to get hurt and damaged badly. That is the problem. So by the time Trump is done, we saw this before, 16 people one after the next fell off the stage. You’re gonna end up in the junkyard. You’re not going to be in good shape for 2028.

That’s just a fact. I don’t think anybody’s going to dispute that. And I understand that Ron DeSantis has some. You know the billionaire Boys Club, the big boys giving him some cash. Great. Donald Trump has the base. It’s Trump’s Republican Party. He’s 1000% Aren’t going to be the nominee. He’s going to crush it in the primary.

DeSantis has been in the Republican primary race for less than a week, and Trump family members are already threatening to hurt him.

The Trumps are running a thug political party. Giufoyle will claim that she was only talking about DeSantis getting hurt in political terms, but her message was clearly a threat that if DeSantis stays in the race, Trump will end his career.

Donald Trump has also stated that he won’t debate DeSantis until the Florida governor gets closer to him in the polls.

Ron DeSantis’s best hope for winning the Republican nomination might be that Trump gets locked up, but even if Trump was incarcerated, another member of his family would likely take his place.

The Trumps view the Republican Party as belonging to them, and if anyone steps on their turf, they threaten to put them in the junkyard.

Republicans sound less and less like a political party and more like a crime syndicate.

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