A Female Trump Family Member Helped Him Hide Documents From The DOJ

A female Trump family member helped Trump transport documents from Mar-a-Lago to Bedminster to hide them from the DOJ.

Page 23 of the indictment:

Who Could This Female Trump Family Member Be?


There is no other evidence in the indictment beyond the fact that the person sending the text to Trump’s valet was a woman. It is a pretty safe guess that it wasn’t Ivanka Trump, because she and Jared took the Saudi billions and have done everything, but build a wall to distance themselves from Trump. Melania Trump? LOL. No. Tiffany Trump?  Doesn’t seem likely.  The most likely guess is Lara Trump, who spends a lot of time around Mar-a-Lago and has worked in various jobs throughout Trump’s political career.

There is zero evidence that whoever the unnamed Trump family is had any knowledge of what was in the boxes or that they belonged to the US government.

The existence of the involvement of a family member demonstrates that Trump’s activities got his family involved and created a situation that goes well beyond the former president himself.

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