Tulsi Gabbard Says Trump Indictment Would Have ‘Led to Civil War’

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate is now saying that if special counsel Robert Mueller had indicted Donald Trump it would have eventually “led to civil war.”

Gabbard issued a lengthy statement that she posted on Twitter: read more

Opinion: Let Trump Slowly Bleed — ‘Hanging’s Too Good For Him’

According to an opinion piece in the New Yorker, Democrats would be wasting their time bringing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. For one thing, the Republican-controlled Senate would never let it happen even if the House successfully started the process. read more

Stone Arrest May Mean That Donald Trump Will Be Indicted Soon

Mueller Trump golf

Robert Mueller stunned the entire political world this morning with his early-morning arrest of Donald Trump’s oldest friend and associate, Roger Stone. The implications of this arrest, and the 24-page indictment of Stone obtained by Mueller in Washington last night, are not yet fully understood. read more

Articles of Impeachment Will Be Filed Against Trump Today

California Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman reportedly will file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump when Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) convenes the new House of Representatives on Thursday. And speaking on NBC today, Pelosi said she would not rule out either impeachment or indictment of the president. read more

USA Today Gives Evidence Of Illegal Trump Collusion With Russia

President Donald Trump engaged in campaign violations and colluded with Russia, committing both crimes “in plain sight” according to an op-ed published in USA Today.

Ethics watchdogs Fred Wertheimer and Norm Eisen wrote the op-ed, pointing out Trump’s obvious crimes. One, of course, occurred when Trump’s longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, implicated the president in a conspiracy when he pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws. read more

Wave of Lawsuits and Investigations Threaten Trump and His Presidency

Two years after Donald Trump won the presidency, every organization he has led in the past decade is under investigation or involved in at least one lawsuit.

Trump’s private company, the Trump Organization, is facing civil suits digging into its business with foreign governments as well as state criminal inquiries into its tax practices. read more

Two Top Lawyers Say It’s Time For Trump To Resign

Two top lawyers say it is now time for President Donald Trump to negotiate a plea deal and resign from office in order to minimize his legal liability.

Both former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal and former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter reached the same conclusion yesterday after more evidence was disclosed making clear that Donald Trump was guilty of committing at least one felony — and probably several more. read more

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mueller’s Next Indictment Will Zero In On Trump

Former federal prosecutor John Flannery said that he expects that Robert Mueller's next indictment will zero in on Donald Trump.

Here Are Options For Mueller Besides Indicting President Trump

Rudy Giuliani recently went on TV to announce that Robert Mueller assured him that he won’t try to indict the president while he remains in office.  According to the president’s lawyer, “They can’t indict. Because if they did, it would be dismissed quickly. There’s no precedent for a president being indicted.” read more