Trump Could Be Heading To Jail After Online Threat

Legal experts are pointing out that Donald Trump may have violated the conditions of his release after making a threat online 24 hours after being arraigned.

Andrew Weissmann tweeted:

Trump was warned at his arrangement on Thursday not to commit more crimes and not to intimidate witnesses/jurors. It appears that Donald Trump could not make it through a full day without violating those simple conditions. Trump is used to doing whatever he wants, so the failed former president immediately ignored the conditions that were placed upon his release and started threatening people.

The most surprising part of the story is that Trump made it almost 24 hours before violating the conditions of his release. Washington, DC isn’t Aileen Cannon in Florida. Roger Stone messed with the DC federal court and quickly found out that those folks were not playing. For Americans dreaming of seeing Trump in an orange jumpsuit and doing a perp walk, your dreams might come true sooner than anyone expected.

Trump was incapable of following the most basic conditions even when he was told that his refusal to comply would result in being stuck behind bars.


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