Judge Warns Trump That He May Be Imprisoned if He Tampers With Jurors

Today,  August 3, 2023 is the first time Donald J. Trump has been held accountable for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election after he lost to Joe Biden by over 7 million votes.

The Judge in Donald Trump’s arraignment for four felony criminal charges related to his efforts to defraud the U.S. and disenfranchise voters warned the former president that if he doesn’t comply with the conditions of release, he may be imprisoned.

Rachel Maddow explained the conditions of release for the defendant Donald J Trump, “– Not communicate about the facts of this case with any individual known to be a witness except through counsel. The Judge said to Trump at 4:26 pm, ‘You have heard your conditions of release. It is important you comply you comply to your conditions of release. You may be held pending trial in this case if you violate conditions of release.’ Now again, that is the judge speaking directly to Donald Trump. And when she says you may be held, she’s saying you may be imprisoned if you do not comply with the conditions.”

The Judge told Trump that he must not speak with witnesses in this matter except through counsel or in the presence of counsel.


Donald Trump has a penchant for trying to influence witnesses, so the judge is letting Trump know that if he tries that here, he may be imprisoned.

Where this gets sticky is the fact that Trump is paying for the legal counsel of many allies and aides, the costs of which have risen to over $40 million in the first half of the year. It would be very difficult to prove he was speaking to those witnesses and he wouldn’t even have to speak to them in order to influence them. That is the point of paying for their legal fees.

The Judge also warned Trump not to tamper with jurors, “The judge then says the most important condition is that you not commit a crime while you are release and then the judge says that one moment later, or excuse me, two minutes later, it is a crime to try to influence a juror.”

Trump has denied all wrong doing and plead not guilty today at 4:25 PM.

Although Donald Trump and his Republican entourage don’t seem inclined to embrace the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty in this country when the people are Black or other darker melanin skinned people, this is the foundation of our legal system and it applies to Donald Trump as well.

Let this be a warning to all that Donald Trump is on notice. If he does get caught speaking to a witness, tampering with a juror or committing any crime, he may be imprisoned.

Given Trump’s history, he has shown zero respect for the law and thinks he is above it. He spit in the face of a subpoena and tried to get his lawyer to lie to the federal government for him in the documents case. The Judge is apparently very familiar with Trump’s modus operandi and is having none of it.

Interfere with justice, and he may well end up behind bars.

Sarah Jones

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