Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about Trump's potential 1/6 indictment.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Melts Down Over Trump’s Potential 1/6 Indictment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) melted down and called Trump’s potential 1/6 indictment ‘absolute bulls*it’ and then claimed Trump’s possible indictment is a cover-up for Biden’s crimes.


Greene said, “It’s absolutely bullsh*t. Yeah, that’s my reaction. This is the only way that the Democrats have to beat President  Trump is to arrest him, smear him, charge him with ridiculous charges. All in a cover-up of Joe Biden’s crimes, Hunter Biden’s crimes. It’s unbelievable. It’s hard to recognize that this is even our country.”

The obvious point that Greene has wrong is that Democrats don’t have to do anything to Donald Trump to beat him in an election. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in 2020. Donald Trump has done nothing but lose for the Republican Party since 2016.

Trump is doing all of this to himself. None of the charges that he is facing and could potentially face have come from the Democrats. The witnesses against Trump are Republicans.

Joe Biden hasn’t committed any crimes. The President’s son is not an elected official and does not work in government, or the White House, so Hunter Biden is irrelevant to the conversation.

The people who are melting down the most, like Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene, are those who have hitched their political futures to Donald Trump. The MAGAs bet on a corrupt horse, and now they are trying to explain it all away as he is held accountable for his crimes.

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