Desperate Republicans Accuse Joe Biden Of A Crime During Trump Impeachment

Rep. John Radcliffe (R-TX) accused Joe Biden of felony influence peddling during the markup of Trump articles of impeachment.

Radcliffe said, “When these Ukrainian government wanted to investigate corruption, like we all keep talking about they need to, well, they start investigating Burisma and what happens? Joe Biden says you’d better fire that prosecutor investigating corruption into Burisma or you’re not going to get a billion dollars. And six hours later that’s what happened. That’s called influence peddling that is a crime, and there is a prima facie case of that. And it’s absolutely appropriate for a president to ask about that.”


Everything that Radcliffe said was a conspiracy theory and a lie. Republicans are trying to defend Trump by playing into the widely debunked Biden/Ukraine conspiracy theory. Joe Biden did not peddle influence, not did or could the vice president of the United States order a foreign country to fire a prosecutor.

The prosecutor in question was corrupt, and Biden was acting on behalf of the United States and the West. There was international pressure to fire this corrupt prosecutor, but Rep. Radcliffe left that part of the story out.

Republicans can’t argue the evidence, so they try to turn Trump impeachment into an indictment of Obama, or they baselessly accuse Joe Biden of felonies.

It is a reply of 2016. Burisma has replaced emails, and Ukraine has replaced Russia, but Joe Biden isn’t Hillary Clinton, which is why this scheme is going to fail.

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