FBI recovers classified documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club

Bombshell Indictment Reveals Trump Asked His Lawyer To Destroy Classified Documents

Trump was so brazen in his effort to keep documents from the federal government that he asked his lawyer to destroy evidence.

From page 3 of the indictment:


Trump suggested to his lawyer that documents be destroyed in just one of the five ways that he attempted to obstruct justice. Any Republican that defends Donald Trump after reading the indictment is a fool.

The indictment paints Trump as one of the stupidest criminals ever to live.  It is logical that Trump made this request because other lawyers have helped him destroy evidence in the past. The request for the hiding or destruction of classified materials was a criminal act. If any of his lawyers carried out Trump’s request, they committed a crime.

The indictment from the grand jury does not contain many points of debate. It appears that there is a mountain of evidence against Trump.

This is a level of criminality and corruption that has never been seen by a former president in the history of the country.

Donald Trump is innocent until proven guilty, but it looks like the federal government has developed a very comprehensive case to bring to trial.

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