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Powerless While Facing Felony Conviction, Trump Throws A Temper Tantrum At Biden

Donald Trump revealed his powerlessness by throwing a tantrum and insulting President Biden by calling him a dumb, incompetent lunatic.

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Trump posted on Truth Social:

I think that Crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe he has gone MAD, a stark raving Lunatic, with his HORRIBLE AND COUNTRY THREATENING ENVIRONMENTAL, OPEN BORDERS, & DOJ/FBI WEAPONIZATION POLICIES. HE IS A MENTAL CATASTROPHE THAT IS LEADING OUR COUNTRY TO HELL!


What Crooked Joe Biden, who can’t string two sentences together, has done to our once great Country through his Open Borders CATASTROPHE, may go down as the greatest and most damaging mistake ever made in USA HISTORY. It is not even believable that such incompetence and stupidity could have been allowed to happen. OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED BY A MAN WITH THE MIND, IDEAS, AND I.Q. OF A FIRST GRADER. THIS INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!


During his time in public life, Trump has at various times been described by the people who have worked with him as dumb, incompetent, and a lunatic, so his comments about Biden are a classic example of Trump’s habit of projecting his flaws onto others. Joe Biden has never been described as incompetent, dumb, or a lunatic.

What is really happening is that Donald Trump is lashing out because his 1/6 trial is speeding along, and he is acting like he is facing felony conviction.

Of course, Trump blames Joe Biden for his indictment. It couldn’t possibly be that the former president is responsible for his own actions when he tried to overthrow the government after losing the 2020 presidential election.

There can be no accountability for Donald J. Trump. When Trump breaks the law and accountability is sought, it is because everyone else is out to get him.

For the first time in his life, Donald Trump is facing something where he doesn’t have the power, and it is causing him to implode.


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