Mark Meadows runs away when asked if he testified.

Mark Meadows Ran Away When Asked If He Testified Before The 1/6 Grand Jury

Here is some interesting video of former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows not answering when reporters asked if he testified before the 1/6 grand jury.

When asked if he testified, Meadows said, “I don’t talk about anything J6 related,” went into a building, and closed the door. Meadows does not appear to have been listed as a co-conspirator in the plot to overturn the 2020 election. CNN has reported that their sources say that there is evidence that Meadows has been cooperating with Jack Smith.

Video of Meadows:

If Meadows weren’t cooperating, it would have been easy for him to say that he did not testify. He has nothing to do with the investigation and has not been notified of any legal jeopardy. That would have been easy enough, and if it were true, reporters would have left him alone, and he could return to his normal daily activities, which seem to involve committing voter/election fraud in North Carolina.

Mark Meadows didn’t say any of those things, and as I wrote a few weeks ago, it appeared that Trump had a big Mark Meadows problem. 

Chris Christie expressed his belief that Meadows flipped on Trump.

The former White House Chief Of Staff knows everything that went down during Trump’s coup, and if he cooperated with Jack Smith, it would go a long way to explain how the Special Counsel put together such a solid indictment against Trump.

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