Trump stiffs fans at Miami Cafe

Trump Stiffs Fans At Miami Versailles Cafe

Donald Trump made a big show out of proclaiming food for everyone at Miami’s Versailles Cafe when he visited, but he walked out without paying for anything for anyone.

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Video of Trump:

The Miami New Times followed up to see if anyone got free food, and they reported, “It turns out no one got anything. Not even a cafecito to-go. A knowledgeable source assures New Times that Donald Trump’s stop at Versailles totaled about ten minutes, leaving no time for anyone to eat anything, much less place an order.”

Trump showed up long enough to get a photo-op, make a promise, and then bolt before he actually had to buy anyone anything.

The interesting point is that while conservative media lapped it up,  the mainstream media didn’t fall for it. Nothing has changed with Trump. The con is the same as it has always been. Everywhere that Donald Trump goes he leaves a trail f broken promises and unpaid bills.

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