Is Fox News Souring on Ron DeSantis?

Is Fox News Getting Ready To Dump Ron DeSantis?

The Murdochs have gone from pushing Ron DeSantis on Fox News to having a guest on who called the Florida governor a weird guy.


This was the feedback from a Fox News panelist about Ron DeSantis, “I think his biggest problem is people are getting to know him, and it turns out his record in Florida is kind of hurtful to a lot of people and hateful, and it’s not resonating. He also from every report, seems to be a weird guy with voters, and when you’re in Iowa and New Hampshire, you have to talk one on one with them, and I don’t think he does that really well.”

Fox News was a lot of rah-rah for Ron DeSantis for months outside the standard Trump outposts like Hannity. Fox could be seeing the writing on the wall that Gov. DeSantis is losing ground in the Republican presidential primary.

The DeSantis strategy of trying to out-Trump Trump has not worked.

The many tales of the weirdness of Ron DeSantis are already in the lore of the 2024 Republican presidential primary campaign. The biggest accomplishment for DeSantis in the campaign so far might be being weirder than Trump.

DeSantis isn’t working, and Fox News may soon abandon ship.

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