Kevin McCarthy Lies About 1/6 Committee

Kevin McCarthy Melts Down As Hunter Biden Investigation Falls Apart

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:37 pm

While talking to reporters, Kevin McCarthy went into a conspiracy meltdown and attacked the Republican prosecutor who rejected the basis for the House GOP’s claims of weaponization of government.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy responded to the letter from US Attorney Weiss that refuted the claims of House GOP ‘whistleblowers’ by saying, “Weiss wrote a letter that even raises more questions. You had six people in a room. Some are saying something different that have no philosophical bent one way or another, concerned about equal justice coming before the Ways and Means Committee, and it’s interesting now. It wasn’t just said at the meeting. They took notes and they sent it back. It was so questionable when he said that he couldn’t become a special prosecutor that he could asked the question back because the individual knew how important it was.”

McCarthy also claimed that Weiss would have to testify about an ongoing investigation, which isn’t true because it is a crime for Congress to interfere in ongoing criminal investigations.

House Republicans intended to use the House majority to dirty up President Biden before the 2024 election to help Trump. It is a move that is straight out of the 2016 playbook. Before the 2016 election, House Republicans used their power to create a story around Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.

The problem for Republicans in 2024 is that McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and James Comer are hilariously inept in carrying out their plan.

McCarthy went full conspiracy theory because the Weiss letter dealt a significant blow to the Republican plans. The Hunter Biden conspiracy is falling apart, and the Speaker of the House is spinning to save it.

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