Trump and special counsel Jack Smith.

Jack Smith Has Trump Freaking Out Over Possible 1/6 Indictment

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 09:01 pm

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Trump claimed he can’t be indicted for 1/6 because the Senate already tried him, as the former president is bordering on incoherence while trying to spin a potential criminal 1/6 indictment.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

The Security Tapes that were VOLUNTARILY given to Deranged Jack Smith and the DOJ were not, I am told, deleted in any way, shape, or form. Prosecutorial Misconduct!

I expect NOTHING from the meeting with my lawyers and the Lunatics in the DOJ regarding January 6th. They just want to interfere with the Presidential Election on 2024. It is their new form of CHEATING, but we will WIN !!!

Crazy Nancy Pelosi didn’t do an “Impeachment Inquiry” on me for making a PERFECT phone call, the Radical Left Lunatics just “Impeached.” Crooked Joe Biden stole Millions and Millions of Dollars from China, and many other countries, and Republicans in Congress just TALK – Nothing will happen. Some actually say they “have other things to do.” What a difference!

How can Deranged Jack Smith bring a case on January 6th., as ridiculous as it is anyway, when I have already won such a case, and been fully acquitted, in the U.S. Senate? In other words, I was Impeached on this, and WON!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE & PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, all rolled up as one. We are truly a Nation In Decline!

Nothing That Trump Said Was True

Notice that Trump claims that he was told that the security tapes were not deleted. Jack Smith has evidence that Trump was ordering their deletion. Trump is now claiming that multiple media reports with feature lots of sourcing are all wrong. It is his word against that of at least a half a dozen to a dozen sources that say Trump will be indicted.

Trump is very mad at Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans for not rushing to impeach Biden. Trump is wrong. Each of his impeachments featured an inquiry before they were voted on by the House.

Donald Trump wasn’t acquitted in the Senate. Impeachment trials have no option for acquittal. He was not convicted. Senate impeachment trials are political acts, not legal proceedings. There is no double jeopardy, so the Department of Justice could charge and try Trump for 1/6.

Trump has no defense, and he is slipping beyond reality and he is living in a fictional universe that has nothing to do with facts. The former president knows that being tried for 1/6 may be a kill shot to his presidential campaign, so he is spinning out of control and showing his fear.

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