Jamie Raskin talks about Trump potentially being charged with seditious conspiracy on Inside with Jen Psaki.

Jamie Raskin Nails James Comer For Hiding Evidence That Debunks GOP Biden Lies

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:37 pm

House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin says that Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is refusing to release evidence that disproves the GOP’s Biden conspiracy theory.

Raskin wrote to Comer in part:

This failure to release a transcript is the latest in your troubling pattern of concealing key evidence in order to advance a false and distorted narrative about your ‘investigation of Joe Biden’ that has not only failed to develop any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden but has, in fact, uncovered substantial evidence to the contrary. … Yet, in refusing to release the transcript of the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent’s interview, you have advanced a false, distorted, and grossly incomplete narrative based on cherry-picked facts and deprived the American people of the opportunity to come to their own conclusion in light of all the evidence,


Just this week, you once again referenced documents purportedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop, despite your months-long refusal to provide a copy of the hard drive you received containing these documents. Your conduct flies in the face of the Committee’s traditional commitment to transparency and underscores the illegitimacy of an investigation that you have described as your “top priority” and that has recently devolved into a voyeuristic obsession with salacious aspects of Hunter Biden’s life, despite your admission, last fall, that such a focus would be “very counter to a credible investigation.”


I urge you to stop concealing key evidence and to instead commit to making public all the investigative steps undertaken and all materials gathered as part of this investigation. The American people deserve to be able to make their own determination, free of constant political spin, by reviewing for themselves all of the facts. After all, a half-truth can often function as a complete lie. As a first step toward real transparency, I urge you to release immediately the transcript of the July 17, 2023, interview of the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent.

If James Comer and Jim Jordan have evidence of Biden wrongdoing, they would be releasing it to the public. The fact that Comer and Jordan continue to hide evidence that disagrees with their conspiracy theory is revealing. House Republicans keep talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop, but they won’t provide Democrats a copy of the laptop’s hard drive.

House Republicans don’t have any evidence against Biden, so they cherry-pick bits and pieces of information and construct conspiracy theories to glue it all together.

Rep. Comer isn’t investigating. He’s constructing a theory for impeachment.

Rep. Raskin was correct. It is time for Comer and other House Republicans to stop hiding evidence and lying.

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