Dana Bash interviews John Lauro on CNN's State Of The Union

Trump’s Lawyer Tried Out His Defense On CNN And It Was A Disaster

Trump‘s lawyer John Lauro tried to claim that the prosecution of Trump was a Biden scheme and fake electors are normal, and CNN’s Dana Bash sliced through it, If this is what a journalist can do, imagine what federal prosecutors will do to Trump’s defense.

Lauro tried to blame Biden for the indictment, ” First of all, this protective order that’s being suggested by the Biden administration is an effort to keep from the press important non-sensitive information that the Biden administration has that may speak to –”

Bash stopped him, “This isn’t by the Biden administration. This is by the special independent counsel –”
Lauro continued, “– Mr. Trump. No, no, here for this reason — no. The independent counsel, it’s not independent, it’s special counsel, has to get the approval of Merrick Garland in order to go forward. Joe Biden said in November of 2022 that he wanted to see president trump prosecuted and taken out of this race — so it is the Biden administration.

Bash corrected him, “I’m just going to stop you. There’s no evidence that Joe Biden is involved in this. And you’re right, it’s a special counsel. Let’s just stick to the question.”

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Video of the claim of a Biden conspiracy:

Later, Lauro tried to claim that fake electors are normal, “Let me take the first thing, the question about electors, okay? Alternate electors  are used in every four-year cycle, okay? The Senate parliamentarian acknowledged to vice president Pence that they always receive protest alternate electorates. None of those electorates were counted. Vice President Pence was completely aware of the nature of the –”

Bash replied, “They weren’t counted because Mike Pence rejected the scheme. That’s why they weren’t counted.”

Lauro said that is how this works, “Absolutely. And that’s how — of course! And that’s how the political process works. But there was defrauding –”

Bash said, “No. It doesn’t.”


Trump’s Defense Is Based On Politics, Not Law

If Lauro’s appearances on the Sunday shows are a dry for Trump’s defense, Trump is in big trouble, The defense that is being offered is that this is all a Biden conspiracy and nothing illegal happened. It is like Donald Trump himself has designed this defense. This is the exact same language as Trump claiming that the phone call where he tried to extort Ukraine was perfect and that Barack Obama spied on his campaign in 2016.

The Trump defense is to deny reality, and if Dana Bash can easily refute what the defense is claiming with facts, Jack Smith is going to have a field day in court.


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