Hillary Clinton talks un-American MAGA

Hillary Clinton Calls Trump And MAGAs Anti-American

Hillary Clinton is walking free as Trump is facing his fourth indictment, and Clinton said that Trump and his followers are anti-America.

Clinton said on The Rachel Maddow Show:

This goes right to who they are and what they believe. It is the dog whistle on race, misogyny, and everything you can think of that they are against. Increasingly very vocally and publicly against. It is rooting against Americans and among us, the millions of us who are different or who have different ideas. Different political perspectives. All of that. In its whole, it is rooting against America. That is why I am so bewildered about, but also I watched it for seven years. All of the comments about American presidents, leadership, behavior contrasted unfortunately negatively with behavior from dictators.

When you really look at the whole network of people organizations and money that support the kind of attitudes that Trump and those like him express, it is so anti-American in every way. That is what shocks me, because people walk around with flags on talking about how they support him or one of his wannabe followers. There is nothing American about rooting against our own team for undermining the rule of law. Going after people that do their best.

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You just go down the list and it’s a long list, but at the core of it is a set of beliefs about Americans who are entitled to rule. The rest of us is a pretty big group and those entitled to rule. Yhey believe that they have the right to rule, political perspective and all of that — they know they are in a contest with us and it’s time we understood that there is no way forward except by winning and defeating these very anti-American political ideas and values.


Clinton was correct. It isn’t that Trump and MAGAs are mad at America because they lost an election. Trump and the MAGAs hate the idea of democracy. They believe that they should rule the rest of us. In their view, there is no democracy. It is only their entitlement to power over the rest of us.

Trump and the MAGA ideology are fundamentally un-American, and it is refreshing to see it being called out and discussed with unvarnished honesty, The only way to stop the anti-American Trump and his supporters is to beat them at the ballot box, and make sure that democracy prevails.


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